A Zone Overview of Elwynn Forest

elwynn forest

Elwynn Forest is an alliance zone, home of the city of Stormwind and dirty whore hangout called PornGoldshire, and all around starting zone for the disgusting race called humans. It’s also meant for players level 1-20.

Everything you find below is up to date for patch 8.2.

Battle Pets [1-2]


Below are the types of treasure chests that I’ve found in Elwynn Forest. You won’t be able to find a chest in every single location they appear in, and they are on a timer if someone happens to take the specific chests in the zone before you.


Like in Mining, you’ll get competition from either higher levels or lower levels, depending on who’s looking for what. You go over an alliance patrol, so horde be careful. Aside from that, you net a decent amount of all the starting herbs, which is a plus.

herbalism route in elwynn forest

  • Earthroot – 47
  • Peacebloom – 113
  • Silverleaf – 165


I didn’t create a route for this zone to do any kinds of fishing in pools, therefore I focused on two specific locations to fish in.

Coordinates: 31,61
Timed: 30:00

  • 76 Raw Brilliant Smallfish
  • 54 Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper
  • 10 Pound Mud Snapper
  • 12 Pound Mud Snapper
  • Bloated Smallfish

Coordinates: 67,85
Timed: 30:00

  • 73 Raw Brilliant Smallfish
  • 46 Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper
  • 10 Pound Mud Snapper
  • 12 Pound Mud Snapper


There’s going to be competition in this zone, even if your competition doesn’t deal with higher level players. This is a starting zone for Humans, and a porn hub for weirdos, so even low levels will be gathering ore. This route goes over an alliance patrol, so horde be careful.


Timed: 30:00
Class: Druid

  • Copper Ore – 278
  • Rough Stone – 247
  • Malachite – 1
  • Tigerseye – 3
  • Shadowgem – 1


Here’s the map of the skinning locations.

Obviously you’re going to have more luck with skinning at either one of the farms, but if the people who are questing in those areas become too much of a hassle with your grind, you can also fly to the small dens that the wolves linger around, and pick off the wolves wandering between the den locations. Their respawn isn’t as fast, so you’ll have to keep killing any you see along the path.

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  • Stonefield Farm:
    • 80 Ruined Leather Scraps
    • 59 Light Leather
    • 2 Medium Leather
    • 1 Medium Hide
  • Maclure Vineyards:
    • 101 Ruined Leather Scraps
    • 40 Light Leather
  • Wolf Dens
    • 66 Ruined Leather Scraps
    • 30 Light Leather



via Cooking

Chunk of Boar Meat

  • Stonefield Farm
    • 54 Chunk of Boar Meat
  • Maclure Vineyards
    • 45 Chunk of Boar Meat

Murloc Fin

  • Murlocs
    • 114 Murloc Fin

Stringy Wolf Meat

  • Wolf Dens
    • 67 Stringy Wolf Meat

Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper

  • Murlocs
    • 54 Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper

via Tailoring

Linen Cloth

  • Murlocs
    • 168 Linen Cloth

via Other

Small Barnacled Clam

  • Murlocs
    • 85 Small Barnacled Clam


These are vendors that sell limited-supply items. There are more vendors within the zone, but this section doesn’t focus on all of them.

Antonio Perelli

  • Wolf Bracers
  • Bear Bracers
  • Owl Bracers
  • Wild Steelbloom
  • Lesser Healing Potion
  • Earthroot

Dawn Brighstar

  • Minor Mana Potion
  • Lesser Healing Potion
  • Scroll of Strength
  • Scroll of Intellect
  • Scroll of Stamina
  • Scroll of Versatility
  • Scroll of Agility
  • Scroll of Protection

Drake Lindgren

  • Pattern: Blue Linen Robe

Rallic Finn

  • Fine Shortbow

Tharynn Bouden

  • Pattern: Blue Linen Vest

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