Silverbound Treasure Chest and the Treasures They Hold

silverbound treasure chest in world of warcraft

Silverbound Treasure Chest are obtainable in a variety of zones, including lower level ones. My World of Warcraft Routes Guide actually has most (if not all) the treasure routes available in a large PDF file. That is, if you’re tired of perusing the web.

Silverbound treasure chest world of warcraft

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Maps, Routes, and Data


  • Treasure chests hold either common, uncommon, or rare quality items, depending on the zone.
  • Rogues can track treasures on the minimap.
  • Demon Hunters can use Spectral Sight to find nearby treasure.

Where to find Silverbound Treasure Chest

Eastern Kingdoms

  • Elwynn Forest



  • Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Hellfire Peninsula
  • Netherstorm
  • Terokkar Forest
  • Zangarmarsh

What’s inside a Silverbound Treasure Chest?



  • Sneaking Potion

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