A Zone Overview of Azshara

Azshara in World of Warcraft

Thanks for taking the time to view TGEXP’s zone overview of Azshara.

This zone is updated as of 8.2

Battle Pets [3-6]

Shore Crab ⚬ Caught in the wild ⚬ Rare
Turquoise Turtle ⚬ Caught in the wild ⚬ Rare
Spider ⚬ Caught in the wild ⚬ Rare
Twilight Spider ⚬ Caught in the wild ⚬ Rare
Rat ⚬ Caught in the wild ⚬ Rare
Roach ⚬ Caught in the wild ⚬ Rare
Skunk ⚬ Caught in the wild ⚬ Rare
Squirrel ⚬ Caught in the wild ⚬ Rare
Twilight Beetle ⚬ Caught in the wild ⚬ Rare
Rabid Nut Varmint 5000 ⚬ Caught in the wild ⚬ Rare
Robo-Chick ⚬ Caught in the wild ⚬ Rare


These are the chests that I’ve found within the zone of Azshara. If there are indeed others, I’ve not come across them specifically.

  • Sturdy Treasure Chest
  • Maplewood Treasure Chest
  • Solid Chest


While this zone has a good variety of herbs to gather, they aren’t so clustered for a good enough route to create. So it’s best to search for herbs while you’re questing, or even if you’re farming for ore. Typically, if it’s worth it, I’ll create a single route for both herbs and ore, but I didn’t for this zone. 


This is not a ground-mount friendly route due to all the cliffs and such. There’s also a small phased zone you may enter, where you could find a Copper Ore node, but not be able to mine it. Just move on if that’s the case.

Timed: 30:00
Class: Druid


Originally, I didn’t have a route around the zone, but I changed that (obviously). Also, I took the time to fish in two separate locations–the sea and a lake.

No fishing rods were used.
The fishing route itself wasn’t timed.

Best Route for Fishing in Azshara in World of Warcraft

  • Watertight Trunk – 1
  • Iron Bound Trunk – 11
  • Oily Blackmouth – 87
  • Firefin Snapper – 19
  • Stranglekelp – 10
  • Raw Sagefish – 17
  • Rumsey Rum Dark – 3
  • Rumsey Rum Black Label – 4

Here is the map with the coordinates below.

Location: 59,93
Timed: 30:00

  • Oily Blackmouth – 15
  • Raw Slitherskin Mackerel – 47
  • Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore – 60

Location: 34,74
Timed: 30:00

  • Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper – 73
  • Raw Brilliant Smallfish – 24
  • Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish – 28


There aren’t any tight-knit fast respawn locations for mobs that can be skinned, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a good amount of critters. You’ll mainly be looking for seals and chimera.

There are more chimera available near the route, going about in a circle, but the smaller routes allows for respawns at a decent rate as you go around killing, and I didn’t see a need to add a longer route, due to this.

Farmed via an entire lap

  • Light Leather – 64
  • Ruined Leather Scraps – 27
  • Light Hide – 3
  • Medium Leather – 8
  • Medium Hide – 1



This section shows the vendors that sell a specific supply amount to customers. In no way do I show every single vendor’s location or everything that a vendor is capable of selling.

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