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Re:Legend, raising cute fighting machines while tending a farm…that’s the life right there.

I mentioned this game in my 15+ Upcoming Farming Games in 2019 post, and what do you know, it’s no longer upcoming. Instead, it’s up and running.

Kind of.

As of this review, the game is in early access. That means if you do intend to play it, there will be bugs, and it would benefit everyone if you’d mention them in Re:Legend’s very own Discord channel.

Aside from that, I’m super happy to have bought this game because it looks so good, despite it not being in full release. Everything about it makes me happy. Especially the fact that it’s a nod toward Harvest Moon games, with the small farmland you have. (Way smaller than in the actual Harvest Moon games, mind you.)


  • Music
  • Creatures and their designs
  • Artwork
  • Active combat system


  • Early access means a lot of bugs
  • Stopping point in the storyline if you get far enough
  • Controller isn’t the game’s strong-point

Are there achievements?

As of right now, there are no achievements. Surely they’ll come in time, when the full release is available. I know, I look forward to 100% completion as well. 😉

What are the characters like?

Have you ever played a Harvest Moon game?

If you have, then you’ll find a lot of the aspects of the townsfolk are the same.

What I mean is you can give them gifts and make them like you more. Now, I haven’t tested it fully, but I’m going to assume that once they like you enough, you’ll be able to access areas in their home that you couldn’t otherwise. Plus a marriage aspect, of course.

As for how many characters there are? Plenty. You’ve even got an in-game menu of some of the people you’re able to charm and some information regarding them.

Also like Harvest Moon, the townsfolk seem to be in different places throughout the day. So they aren’t always in their shop or home. When they are out in the town, they don’t really say much to you, and if you need something from them, you’ll have to wait until they’re back at their normal station.

I haven’t got a handle at where they are and when, myself.

Type of gameplay to expect?

It’s a blend of farming and raising creatures called Magnus to breed and battle, while also seeking to reclaim the memories you’ve lost.

Though that may seem like a lot to do all at once, Re:Legend doesn’t put a huge amount of focus on one thing. It lets you do stuff at your own pace without feeling rushed. Sure, there’s a calendar and seasons, so you do need to pay attention to the crops on your farm and all that’s season-related.

Other than that, you want to grow crops day after day for income? Go ahead. Prefer to battle creatures and build your army of cuteness? Go ahead. Want to help the townsfolk with their quests? You’re probably going to need to grind, because this is an RPG, but go ahead.

You don’t have a time limit on anything.

At least, not yet.

Is the game graphically appealing?

I say yes.

The characters have models as they speak and their facial expressions are funny and fitting for the things that are said or what their emotions are regarding what they hear or see. It’s all cute, but not overly so. The creatures range from cute and simple to cute and pretty badass looking.

The art style is definitely one of the aspects that pulled me in.

How’s the soundtrack?

I want to say it’s almost as good as Harvest Moon, but that still remains one of the catchier tunes that I’ve had the pleasure to listen to.

That game gets brought up a lot, I know. You can definitely tell it’s one of my favorite past-time games and anything that resembles it gets me pretty hyped.

Anyway, regarding the soundtrack of Re:Legend–it has different melodies for the day and night cycles. Although I haven’t gotten far enough to go into different seasons, it doesn’t seem like the melody changes there. That’s a shame, because I’d like to hear a difference between one season and another. That may be something they look into doing later.

Nothing is overly loud. Nothing is too obnoxious as far as sound effects.

Any in-game bugs?

Boy are there ever.

It’s OK though, the game’s in early access right now, so the devs are relying on the players to submit a lot of the issues through their Discord channel. I’ve seen plenty in my time of playing and streaming Re:Legend, and although they can disrupt your gameplay quite a bit, depending on the bug, it’s still a fun play.

My overall impression

If you can’t handle not being able to play a game start to finish without encountering game-breaking bugs, take a step back. Another one. Maybe one mo–yeah, that’s good. You might be wanting to wait for the official release of Re:Legend.

However, for those that can handle these turbulent times and are willing to watch the game grow at this stage and onward, it’s a good buy. It’s going to be a treasure to see it expand, to see the storyline bloom, to see our pockets fill with cash as the dude who grabs our crops from the bin pays us thousands.

Quest, level up, craft gear, befriend monsters, fish, farm, and more.

It’ll only get better from here.

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