World of Warcraft Farming Routes Guide


Purchase my World of Warcraft routes for the best routes on gathering herbs, ore, fish, and more.



Tired of Googling routes for World of Warcraft?

I used to Google where to find the best routes for mining in World of Warcraft, as well as herbalism–hell, even fishing was on my recent search list.

Since then, I’ve become a pretty avid farmer when it comes to certain mats. I remember when I first made my Death Knight. All she did was mine. I even competed with my guildmates in getting specific ore by finding out which zones they were in. (Specifically Thorium Ore in Un’Goro Crater, for some reason.) Since DKs back then had one of the faster speeds, I’d get the ore node first.

Now I dabble in a variety of farming routes. Including rares, treasures, special vendors, and skinning locations.

Thus, I’m parting with every single farming route I’ve created for myself and giving it to you, in order for you to end your constant Googling of where to find what.

What’s in the World of Warcraft Farming Routes Guide?

  • PDF access to every farming route and data I’ve gathered on almost every zone. This data includes, but is not limited to…
    • Mining
    • Herbalism
    • Fishing
    • Treasures
    • Rares
  • Screenshots will be 2560×1440 instead of the 1280×720 you find on the site.
  • My own in-game routes, which you’ll need the addon Routes and WoWGatheringNodes for them to actually work.

How do you know what’s been updated?

I’m happy you asked, because I made sure to create a spreadsheet that shows you what’s currently within the PDF.

You can view the spreadsheet here.

What’s the refund policy for the World of Warcraft Farming Routes Guide?

Unfortunately, there will be no refunds given for this product. Once you get the combined product(s), you’re able to keep and use them to your advantage, though the stream of updates will stop.

Speaking of updates…

To get an update whenever I release anything new regarding World of Warcraft, don’t forget to sign up to our WoW newsletter. (Subscribers get a special discount to products in my store–including this one!)

I very much hope this package helps those who love to gather on World of Warcraft. I remain steadfast in keeping everything up to date, with data included, unlike a lot of sites out there.

Game on,
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