Shiny Bagon – Pokemon GO


Listing for Shiny Bagon, found during March Community Day in Pokemon GO.

You’ll not be able to get the special moveset after evolving this Pokemon to Salamence, but it’s still good for a shiny-hunter’s collection!

17 in stock



Shiny Bagon was part of the April Community Day in Pokemon GO. Missed your chance to collect one? No worries, as I’ve got several in stock for you! (Unfortunately, you’ll miss out on the special moveset that Salamence could obtain that was only available during the event.)

  1. Once purchased, you’ll need to go to my Discord channel, so we can converse.
  2. If Shiny Bagon has been already owned, we can trade immediately; if unowned, we’ll need to become Ultra Friends.
  3. Once all set, I’ll need to know your coordinates to get within range for a trade.
  4. Sorry, no refunds.

Remember: A Pokemon’s IV, CP, and level may change during trade.

Star Dust Cost:

Shiny or Legendary (Owned) registered

  • 20,000 Good Friend (1 day)
  • 16,000 Great Friend (7 day)
  • 1,600 Ultra Friend (30 day)
  • 800 BestvFriend (90 day)

Shiny or Legendary (Unowned)

  • 1,000,000 Good Friend (1 day)
  • 800,000 Great Friend (7 day)
  • 80,000 Ultra Friend (30 day)
  • 40,000 Best Friend (90 day)

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