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Purchase a 30-minute video game analysis on any (PC) game–whether your own or another’s.

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What is a 30-Minute Video Analysis and how does it differ
from a game review?

First off, my REVIEWS of the games I play are absolutely free. There’s no need for anyone to buy something that’s so seemingly generic. I choose a game to play and I later review it for anyone who may be interested in buying it in the future and would like some insight first.

A 30-minute video analysis is a much more complex review.

You’re no longer getting the generic soundtrack, gameplay, graphics, and navigation cut-and-dry information. You’re getting the in-depth and full course of those categories. A written review will come after this, sure, if I continue with the game. But this product offers visuals, and I talk about the pros and cons in the game itself by pausing my recorded gameplay and talking about a certain aspect of the game.

Check out more of the information you get further down!

Who benefits from this product?

  • Game devs who’ve created shorter games.
  • Dev-to-be who wants to know how to better their upcoming game by finding the flaws in another.
  • Gamer who’s wanting to know the good and the bad on a specific game.
  • Someone who wants something more than just a plain old review.

What are the steps taken for the 30-Minute Video Analysis?

  1. The (PC) game will be played on a “normal” setting–if there are difficulties or higher visual settings, I’ll play it in the middle-ground.
  2. I record 30 minutes of the (PC) game.
    • The timer starts once the gameplay actually begins. If there’s a cutscene, I won’t add that as part of the 30-minutes.
  3. After gameplay, I go through the video and talk about every part as a whole, such as with a review, only more in-depth.
    • Gameplay, pacing, visuals, voices, sounds, etc.
    • Pros and cons
    • Misspelling and punctuation errors (if any)
    • Bugs (if any)
    • Visual guidance
  4. The video will be later uploaded to my YouTube channel.


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