Top 5 PC Gaming Equipment

We’re not gamers without gaming equipment, right?

But what’s the right equipment for gamers?

Hell if I know. I’m not that smart. So instead of me telling you these are must-haves for all gamers, I’m going to list my personal top 5 PC gaming equipment that I know about through secondary sources, or have bought and tried. And kept.

top 5 pc gaming equipment

Some of these items (and many others!) might have some good sales going on, due to Amazon’s Prime Day (July 15 and 16). However, if you’re not a Prime member, you might be missing out.  If that’s the case, I highly recommend trying the 30-day free trial.

It’s worth it if you shop on Amazon a lot! (Who doesn’t, right?)

Note: There are affiliate links in this post, which means if you happen to buy something within the link, I’ll earn a small commission with no extra charge thrown your way.

Gaming Chair

As gamers, we’re going to sit on our butts. A lot. There’s really no way around it, unless you prefer standing up–something I’m sure VR players do. But even then, I don’t think they stick to just VR. I’m sure they have their special casual or hardcore game that deal with their butts being in a chair.

I’ve had chairs that have not been terribly comfortable for me. Hell, I remember even sitting in a hardwood chair with a cushion on it just to game somewhere on my laptop.

Not comfortable.

Vertagear Racing Series Ergonomic Office Chair

top 5 pc gaming equipment vertagear

It might not have “gamer” or “gaming” in the title, but my boyfriend swears by this chair.

He loves it, and not just for sitting in like a normal person looking at a TV or computer screen. I think he does that enough at his job.

He’ll have it lean back if he wants to recline and play a PC game sideways instead of a frontal position, or he’ll take a break and lean it all the way back, or he’ll position it to better support his back if he wants an optimal straight position. This chair is very good for neck and back problems, as he’s always attentive to where the neck cushion is due to his own neck and spinal ordeal.

I chose the green image because it’s the exact color he has.

Also, it’s worth noting that he’d had one a while back and something wasn’t quite right with it. After getting with the tech support, they issued him a new one quick and with no hassle.

Of course, assembly will be required if you make the purchase.

RESPAWN-800 is a rocking gaming chair, as a Prime Day (2019) launch on Amazon. I’m actually quite interested in it, as I tend to move around often and hate to sit still. However, because I’ll sometimes have my webcam on during gameplay, I’m hesitant to think that maybe my constant motion might be annoying?

Gaming Headphones

I’m going to be showing two different headphones, because each one might serve a different purpose, depending on your playstyle, as well as how good you want your audio to sound. I’ve purchased both of these headset, however I only use one.

You can probably guess who got the other one.

The boyfriend.

beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

top 5 pc gaming equipment beyerdynamic

This is the higher end of audiophile headphones without being too over-the-top as far as pricing goes.

I purchased this in the grey coloration because it pretty much matches his computer setup (a white case and other white paraphernalia). As to the why of my purchase?

To make a long story short, my boyfriend was watching a YouTube review of the Sound Blaster X7 (yes, I purchased that for him too, LOL) and mentioned the sound quality. Apparently a lot of e-sport gamers have it to hear things better and give them an advantage, but he couldn’t use it because the headphones he had couldn’t deal with the output.

It’d blow the speakers, basically.

So lo and behold, I grant him this gift, because he plays several games that require him to hear where the opponent is. You know. Call of Duty, PUBG, and other games I don’t like.

He enjoys it a lot. I know, because I haven’t heard him complain yet. 😉


top 5 pc gaming equipment kotion each g2000

Here’s yourself a typical gaming headset, complete with a mic and a pretty long cord.

I purchased this after I used SADES for a while. The only real reason for the “upgrade” was because the latter kept giving me headaches due to the cushion being too thin for my head. The weight of the headphones themselves were a bit much, I guess? Other than that, SADES was a good headset!

Since I’m a sucker for visual aesthetics, I went with another glowing headset for gaming in the dark (though I still don’t know why I bother when my face can’t be seen).

The microphone quality is very good, and I know you can’t say that with a lot of these “gaming headsets.” There’s a volume and mute/unmute button on the cord itself, which is nice, but the mute button makes a loud pop, so I simply use my mouse keybind instead. The padding at the top is excellent. Cushiony and I don’t get headaches from the weight of it anymore.

Instead, they come from playing too many games. Whatever.

Gaming Mouse

I’ve gone through a lot out different gaming mice (mouses?) over the span of too many years, and I know that not one size fits all. But if there’s anything I can say about my gaming, it’s that I need keybinds in my life. And you can’t have keybinds without buttons.

Razer Naga Chroma

top 5 pc gaming equipment razer naga chroma

Thus, Razer products have pretty much been in my life since I first heard of the company and saw their pretty glowy gamer stuff.

Naturally, I love the idea of being able to change the color scheme of the mouse. My hand is also small with long fingers, so the Naga fits me perfectly. I’ve never had any problems with pressing any of the buttons, and the keybinding configuration is very simplistic. It’s all done within the Razer Synapse app that comes with the purchase of certain Razer equipment (I believe).

But this is kind of an old-school Naga mouse that I keep going back to. I wore out at least three of them–one of them had a double-click problem after years of usage; I can’t remember the other two problems, but again, they glitched after years of use.

And food-stained hands, no doubt.

Gaming Keyboard

Razer Nostromo

top 5 pc gaming equipment razer nostromo

Last, but most certainly not least, here’s the love of my life when it comes to PC gaming.

This sucker has lasted me almost ten freaking years! Do you know how stained it is with food and grime and dust and who knows what else?

No, really, it’s kind of embarrassing to look at.

Anyway, this bad boy is an oldie but goodie. Razer has made updated versions that are better, so these aren’t sold by the main manufacturer anymore, I don’t suppose. That’s OK, I still love it and recommend it, though there are other better ones, and with more keys if you wanted. For me, 14 is enough, as I can feel where they are with my fingers better than if I had too many.

There you have it, gamers: My top 5 PC Gaming Equipment!

You can find a few of these products and more over on my streaming setup page. You’ll actually see a lot more of my build, if you’re interested on the specs.

Game on,
The Gaming Experience

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