Humble Bundle August 2019

I was super excited for last month’s July 2019 bundle, and I haven’t quite looked into what this one has in store for me yet (aside from the two early access games), so let’s take a peek within. This part always makes me nervous because it’s a hit-or-miss chance.

If you want to take a look at all the games I’ve acquired on Humble Bundle, just click the link!

There are affiliate links in this post, which means I’ll earn a small commission if you happen to buy something through them, with no extra charge thrown your way.
In order to acquire these games, you’ll need to have a monthly subscription to Humble Bundle. These include:
  • Monthly
  • 3-Month
  • 6-Month
  • 12-Month

My choice has always been the 12-month subscription, but a lot of people like to see the upcoming releases before choosing whether to accept the 1-month payment or not. Since I sometimes get games I don’t like, or even duplicates, I use them exclusively in giveaways. You can view my list of giveaway games here.

What do you get with a subscription?

  • Early unlock for next month’s bundle.
  • Limited time discounts from the Humble Bundle store.
  • 60+ downloadable DRM-free games.
  • Commission for every friend you refer (up to a set amount of times).

Early Unlocks for September 2019

Slay the Spire

humble bundle september early access slay the spire

We fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire!

If I’m not mistaken, this game was initially on my Steam wishlist, so I’m happy I obtained it. The only other card game I’ve actually played is Hand of Fate. Hearthstone as well, and although I never really enjoyed Hearthstone with its multiplayer combat, this game looks fun.

Slay the Spire is also available on the Nintendo Switch, for those that don’t play games on the PC.


humble bundle september early access squad

Squad is a 50 vs 50 multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and teamplay, emphasizing both strong squad cohesion mechanics as well as larger scale coordination, tactics and planning. It features large open maps, vehicle-based combined arms gameplay, and player-constructed bases to create a heart-thumping, visceral gaming experience which mixes organized tactical multi-squad planning with split second decision-making in real-world scale firefights.

I won’t be playing this game, due to not being a fan of shooter or multiplayer games all that much, despite my boyfriend’s multiple nudges to get in on some gameplay with him. It’s also interesting to note as of this moment, the game is actually in early access itself.

I guess if you like war games, this may be up your alley. Though I can’t label which FPS games would be in the same style and category as this one.

Humble Bundle August 2019 Games

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

humble bundle august 2019

Bohemia – located in the heart of Europe, the region is rich in culture, silver, and sprawling castles. The death of its beloved ruler, Emperor Charles IV, has plunged the kingdom into dark times: war, corruption, and discord are tearing this jewel of the Holy Roman Empire apart.

One of Charles’ sons, Wenceslas, has inherited the crown. Unlike his father, Wenceslas is a naive, self-indulgent, unambitious monarch. His half-brother and King of Hungary, Sigismund the Red Fox, senses weakness in Wenceslas. Feigning good will, Sigismund travels to Bohemia and kidnaps his half-brother. With no king on the throne, Sigismund is now free to plunder Bohemia and seize its riches.

In the midst of this chaos, you’re Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Your peaceful life is shattered when a mercenary raid, ordered by King Sigismund himself, burns your village to the ground. By bittersweet fortune, you are one of the sole survivors of this massacre.

Buy Man of Medan at Green Man Gaming

Without a home, family, or future you end up in the service of Lord Radzig Kobyla, who is forming a resistance against the invasion. Fate drags you into this bloody conflict and shoves you into a raging civil war, where you help fight for the future of Bohemia.

I won’t go into any detail of my thoughts here because I’ve already talked about it within the Humble Bundle July 2019, but just know that I wasn’t all that disappointed.

Surviving Mars

humble bundle august 2019

Welcome Home! The time has come to stake your claim on the Red Planet and build the first functioning human colonies on Mars! All you need are supplies, oxygen, decades of training, experience with sandstorms, and a can-do attitude to discover the purpose of those weird black cubes that appeared out of nowhere. With a bit of sprucing up, this place is going to be awesome!

Surviving Mars is a sci-fi city builder all about colonizing Mars and surviving the process. Choose a space agency for resources and financial support before determining a location for your colony. Build domes and infrastructure, research new possibilities and utilize drones to unlock more elaborate ways to shape and expand your settlement. Cultivate your own food, mine minerals or just relax by the bar after a hard day’s work. Most important of all, though, is keeping your colonists alive. Not an easy task on a strange new planet.

There will be challenges to overcome. Execute your strategy and improve your colony’s chances of survival while unlocking the mysteries of this alien world. Are you ready? Mars is waiting for you.

Due to this game being one of the promoted as the early access of Humble Bundle July 2019, I won’t say anything regarding it. But…not a fan of sci-fi over here.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

humble bundle august 2019

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the next in the series that has twice been PC Gamer’s ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year’, bringing the franchise into the era of automatic rifles, man-portable grenade launchers and more modern weapons systems. Still with the authentic look and feel and realistic weapon handling that the series is known for.

Sort of a weird image to go along with the game, but apparently it’s tied into a DLC instead of being for the main game. For a moment, I wasn’t sure I went to the right page when I saw it.

Anyway, not my type of game, as usual when it comes to shooters. But man the green army men really bring back some memories of old, old games related to toy soldiers.

Yoku’s Island Express

humble bundle august 2019

Yoku has arrived on Mokumana and he’s ready for the easy life, soaking up the sun and delivering parcels on a tropical paradise!

However, an ancient Island deity is trapped in a restless sleep – and it’s all down to Yoku to traverse the island using a unique blend of pinball mechanics, platforming and open world exploration, in an amazing adventure to help those in need!

Flip and bump our pint-sized protagonist around the stunning hand-painted island on your quest to rebuild the post-office, and wake an old god from its deep slumber.

I thought I had this game, but no, I was mistaken. I was thinking about Yooka-Laylee. Being from the same publisher, it has to be just as fun. Even the game image shows the critter having a lot of fun! Happy to have this game in my stash.

The Adventure Pals

humble bundle august 2019

Mr. B is kidnapping old people and turning them into hot dogs! It’s up to you and your best buds, Mr. Rock and Sparkles the Giraffe, to save the day. Leap, slash, and blast your way through increasingly madcap levels. Along the way you’ll help a whale regain confidence, take a side in the battle between toast and dinosaurs, and travel to a legendary sunken city to decide the result of a Pirate election.

OK, this games looks cute and I like the description of what it’s about. As far as description and the whole idea of what’s going on, it definitely reminds me of Castle Crashers, though I’m in no way saying it’ll be like that.

Almost There

humble bundle august 2019

Sprint between saw blades while dodging homing missiles. Duck under lasers while the floor crumbles beneath you. Almost There was designed specifically for fans of the hardcore platforming genre – you’ve been warned.

Hardcore. There’s a scary word.

I’m not one to do well in games where you have to avoid being hit at all costs. Just watching people play these games give me spikes in anxiety. But for sure if you’re a fan of these, then this Humble monthly would’ve been right up your alley.

Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon

humble bundle august 2019

Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon is an action-packed side-scrolling real-time strategy game from the makers of Awesomenauts. Fight to control the map and push the enemy back to their base in a highly tactical tug of war. Battle in online and split-screen multiplayer, duel the devious AI in skirmishes, or enjoy the extensive single-player campaign.

I haven’t played Awesomenauts, and I don’t think this game would appeal to my gaming criteria, but it’s not to say it doesn’t look like a good one to give a go on. Kind of a long ass word to go with that title though.

Don’t Give Up

humble bundle august 2019 don't give up

DON’T GIVE UP is a comedic RPG about a mentally ill game dev trying to find success in life who becomes wrapped up in the manifestations of his own inner demons. You’ll delve into your subconscious in order to face darkness and an evil entity intent on unraveling your mind, all while fending off pizza bullies, social anxiety, and male pattern baldness!

This looks to be a comedic game, and it’s in early access as of this moment, so I suppose that’s one of the reasons I haven’t heard of it. Then again there’s a lot of games I haven’t heard of, so nevermind that comment.

I can’t say it’s a game that I would’ve looked twice at. But I like comedies, and it’s more toward the cynical side of things, which suits me. So if I ever did see the game in one of the Steam discovery queues, I probably would’ve wishlisted it. But it wouldn’t be a high priority.

Not that all that matters, since I have it now.

Access the Humble Bundle Trove

A new bundle of games a month can be a nice surprise, but don’t forget the fact that there are a large cache of DRM-free games awaiting you in the Humble Trove. 70+, in fact, and with every month comes a few more flavors. You’ll need to be a monthly subscriber, however, so even if you don’t like the monthly games, the Trove can be a worthy treasure for your collection!

Some of the newest Trove games include:

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