Fanatical Games: Deluxe Mystery Game (Five Purchases)


We get it, you’re the type of gamer that wants quality over quantity – you want to pick from the finest Steam vineyards around and get back to what you do best – playing video games!

We hear you, and that’s why we’ve launched the Deluxe Mystery Game. For just $3.99, you’re GUARANTEED to get a top AAA or Indie title from some of the best Steam developers and publishers on the planet.

With games worth up to $100 each, Deluxe Mystery is not to be missed. Simply pick a randomly selected game from an impressive collection, and get ready to liven up your Steam library.

Be quick, as this roster of amazing AAAs and incredible indies are only available for two weeks – so don’t miss your chance to grab a game at one ridiculously low price!

What’s the Deluxe Mystery Game?

Well, one can’t truly be sure until one actually buys into the mystery, right?

And that’s just what I did. In fact, I bought five of these guys just to see what’s behind the mystery and to see if it’s all truly worth it.

Keep in mind, my thoughts on games will, of course, differ from others. I’m typically genre-specific in the games I play, just like every other individual.

Game List:

Do Not Feed the MonkeysShadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun | LEGO DC Super-VillainsSTAR WARS Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy | LEGO MARVELs Avengers

There are links in this post that are affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission from your purchase of a product, with no extra charge your way.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys

A digital voyeur simulator where you watch strangers through surveillance cameras. Invade their privacy and witness their most intimate moments, but don’t interact with the subjects – anything could happen if you dare feed the monkeys!

I’ve seen this title around Steam and other places but never really looked into it. The name just never compelled me to sneak a peek, because…well, I didn’t really want to play animal games, I guess?

Silly me, though. I should’ve known monkeys meant people.

Since it wasn’t something I was looking for on Steam, I’m kind of happy I have it now, because looking into the lives of other people is interesting. Curiosity gets the better of us, and I’m no exception.

Even if it is, y’know, a video game.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics is a hardcore tactical stealth game set in Japan around the Edo period.

Take control of a team of deadly specialists and sneak in the shadows between dozens of enemies. Choose your approach when infiltrating mighty castles, snowy mountain monasteries or hidden forest camps. Set traps, poison your opponents or completely avoid enemy contact.

The group is composed of very different personalities. Working together as a team seems impossible at first. Yet over the course of many missions, trust is won and friendships are made. The characters develop their own dynamic and each member will have to face their own personal demons.

This is quite a good game, despite me having not gotten too far into it. That’s just because I happen to be really bad at tactical games and stealth games, and when those two are combined…yeah.

If I didn’t have this game already, I would be very happy with the find.

As it is, it’ll be contest and giveaway fodder.

LEGO DC Super-Villains

It’s good to be bad… Embark on an all-new DC/LEGO® adventure by becoming the best villain the universe has seen. Players will create and play as an all-new super-villain throughout the game, unleashing mischievous antics and wreaking havoc in an action-packed story. Set in an open world experience within the DC universe, the Justice League has disappeared, leaving Earth’s protection to their counterparts, who have proclaimed themselves as the “Justice Syndicate”. It’s up to you and a crazy group of misfits to uncover the intentions of Earth’s new, strange, wannabe superheroes. Joined by renowned DC Super-Villains: The Joker, Harley Quinn, and countless others from the Injustice League, players will set out on an epic adventure.

I don’t know much about the DC universe, but I love villains, and I love playing LEGO games. All those damn achievements that’ll frustrate the hell out of you to get, but then you’ll feel so happy when you’ve got them.

Am I the only one that feels that way with LEGO games?

I don’t know how this one will play out. I’ve played some really fun LEGO games with cutscenes and so much humor, but then there have been some older duds. I look forward to playing this game, and I’m hoping it won’t turn into the latter.

STAR WARS Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy

Forge your weapon and follow the path of the Jedi Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is the latest installment of the highly acclaimed Jedi Knight series. Take on the role of a new student eager to learn the ways of the Force from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

Here’s probably where I’ll get the ‘boos’.

I’m not much of a fan of Star Wars. I liked some of the movies, but I didn’t love them. I barely remember anything about them aside from some of the odd characters–C3PO, Jar Jar Binks, R2D2. Forgive my spelling, if one of those are wrong.

I looked at some of the screenshots, and despite it being in the positive section of Steam, it just doesn’t appeal to me. The graphics. The storyline might be damn good and fit the world it’s placed in.

Me and sci-fi, however, have never really connected. So this is a game that I may play one day, but probably not.

LEGO® MARVEL’s Avengers

Avengers Assemble! The best-selling LEGO® MARVEL videogame franchise returns with a new action-packed, Super Hero adventure. Join the LEGO® MARVEL’s Avengers team and experience a videogame featuring characters and storylines from the critically-acclaimed films and more. Play as the most powerful Super Heroes in their quest to save the world.

I had this game in my Steam collection already, but if I hadn’t I’d be damn happy I got it.

Once again, I love LEGO games, because they can just be so much fun if done right. The Avengers is something I’m a bit more close to than the Marvel universe. Avengers have always been humorous in a way and made them more memorable for me.

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