Fanatical Games: What’ve I purchased now?


Well…a lot. Maybe too much. Maybe not enough.

Probably not enough.

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Fanatical is a site that helps gamers get the games they want at some of the lowest prices. They’ve got bundles, they’ve got exclusives, they’ve got indie games, they’ve got big-name games.

They’re seriously worth checking out.

I haven’t known about them for long, but I’m glad they’re in my favorite bar now.

Lego games

There was a big ol’ sale over on Fanatical regarding a bunch of the Lego games and, quite frankly, I’ve never played a Lego game yet. So here’s what made it into my inventory.

I didn’t buy the second part to the Harry Potter because I wasn’t sure if it would be a go for me. Plus, Jurassic Park was just too tantalizing.

Spotlight Bundle 7

I can’t but buy a bundle of games if–not only are they cheap–but they look like something I’d play from the cover screen. Then again, sometimes the cover looks better than the gameplay…

Those are the top newest games I’ve purchased from Fanatical. They have really good deals for anyone that likes indie games and such.

Hell, even the big time games that people want are on there, and sometimes even they’re cheap.

I look forward to playing these games.

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