Amazon Prime Day 2019 and its Deals for Gamers

Prime Day 2019

The days are here: July 15th-July 16th are both the biggest days for Amazon with its Prime Day 2019 launch.

Personally, I’ve never actually known about Prime Day on Amazon, just because I’ve never really paid much attention to the online world as far as new releases and whatnot. I didn’t pay attention to the big sites. Probably because I thought they were all sell and no real down-to-earth talk.

I hope that’s not what you get from this post.

In fact, I hope you get a lot of deals out of this post. But instead of mindlessly giving you one product after another, I’ll share a bit of my own personal thoughts on some of the sub-genres of products. Don’t worry, no in-depth blathering from me this time. I’ll save that for my game reviews.

How do you get Amazon Prime Day Deals?

Things to know about this Prime Day 2019 listing.

  • Gaming products are the main focal point on this page.
  • I’ve listed the names of the products, as well as the image and text so you can readily see the price if available. Prices won’t show the Prime Day deal (I don’t believe).
  • There are affiliate links throughout this post, which means if you happen to buy something that interests you, I’ll get a small commission with no extra charge thrown your way.

Virtual Reality Headsets

I’m not a super huge fan on the virtual reality world, due to the headsets feeling so confining and triggering my anxiety. Also, I have a habit of only wanting to use one of my hands, like I did at my boyfriend’s house when he let me try I Expect You To Die. A fun game, but damn did he have to keep reminding me I have two hands, lol.

Despite my objections, this style of gameplay is a huge game-changer, and many, many people enjoy it. (especially drunken brawl games?).


My boyfriend has a gaming router himself, but I don’t believe it’s the one listed. He chose his because he’s got two roommates and every single one of them are hardcore gamers and at least one of them (Nerf_0) constantly streams. Thus, it was sort of a necessity.


I’m all about a crystal clear look to a monitor. For me, they don’t have to be huge, but they’ve got to really nail the glory of the graphics and have a fast response time to those games that have a need for speed.

Computers, Parts, and Accessories

If you’re in need of an update to your gaming machine and wanted to wait until Prime Day 2019 actually hit, then this might be the section for you. Even if you weren’t looking for an upgrade, you might find something to make your rig look just the kind of fancy you like. Coloration-wise, of course. Because l’m all about pretty colors, remember?

Desktops and Laptops

Parts and Accessories

A lot of these are grouped in with Amazon’s Deal of the Day, during Prime Day 2019. So here’s hoping you can snatch them while the snatching is good. Not that they’ll never have a good sale like this again, but it’s good for us Amazon Prime members, right?

We one-up the random viewers, essentially.

Save on Top PC Games on Fanatical

A lot of these products are definitely a must-have for anyone wishing to stream on Twitch. You’ll have an edge others don’t.

Mice, Headsets, and Keyboards

I personally like having headsets with mics on them, just because I feel like they don’t get in your way as much as the stand-alone mics. As far as a mouse goes, oh I have to have those buttons for keybindings. Often times I disregard my actual keyboard, but I do enjoy the loud, obnoxious clickety-clack ones. Just not so much when I have a headache or it’s late at night and people are sleeping.

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