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Nephise, a game to remind you that some people just can’t handle their drinks.

Purchased: I got this game through a bundle on Steam.
Achievements: Yes

I’ll admit, after playing both Drizzlepath and Bottle, I was leery about jumping into this one.

The graphics of the environment were a pleasant surprise though, however there was a certain puzzle I got stuck on and couldn’t progress forward. It wasn’t a glitch of any kind, I just didn’t know how to figure the puzzle out, despite there being hints to the specific pieces.

But…I’ve never been good at puzzles, so maybe that was all me.


  • Music carries a nice tune
  • Interactions instead of simple walking
  • Nice color scheme


  • Some warped texture in different areas
  • No clue as to whether you’re doing a puzzle correctly


The areas you go through are fairly small and you can’t entirely get lost in them. There’s also mention of what you need to do, so there’s no possibility on not knowing.

It’s nice that this is a walking simulator where you don’t have to follow a single path in order to get to your end destination.


The graphics and the lighting in specific areas are well done. I really like some of the areas I traveled into and got to take screenshots of.

However, there were still some graphical glitches with textures–like the wolf’s fur when you got up close to it–it was more warped than “furry”–and rocky surfaces. I’m not sure why, but in the sets of games by Tonguc Bodur, mountainous areas seem to offer a flaw in their design.


You can’t do much in this game aside from interacting with specific objects, jumping, and walking. The jumping is more for allowing you to get out of water or to help out in gaining footing on a rocky path.

I will say it was difficult to get out of the water, because you have to do it just right. Either by standing in the right spot, or by just harassing the jump button and aiming at the right area.

It’s a shame that they didn’t allow crouching in this, because I like trying to take screenshots from a somewhat lower position.

As for the puzzles in the game–or rather, the main puzzle–it’s not a difficult one, the narrator tells you what you need to do, but if you don’t know exactly how to position the objects, you’re going to become frustrated.


I was, and I had to stop playing the game for a long while before heading back into it. But once you figure it out: simple.

I just wish they’d put in a “click” or something when you got something correct, so it can be left alone and you can move on.


I really like the music in this game.

I think I’ve said that with every one of these games so far, and it’s the truth, but they’ve had downfalls.

Nephise actually keeps the music going and doesn’t let me down at the last moment. This makes me happy. Not only that, but the style of the music does change depending on the environment you’ve hopped into.

As far as the narrative goes, it’s an older woman with a nice voice, and there’s cursive subtitles to let you know what she’s saying. The cursive text sort of doesn’t coincide with the old lady, but that’s purely my opinion.

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Er, just like all the reviews I do.


In the end, Nephise satisfied me.

I got some good screenshots, managed to get past the obnoxious puzzle that had me confused beyond belief, and it had a humorous ending.

Although…I’m starting to see a trend with these games and their endings…

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