Life is Strange, some people go through puberty; others go through the past to change the present.

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DLC: Directors’ Commentary

It’s been a while since I played this game, and I’m not entirely sure what made me buy it in the first place–or even notice it–but I’m happy it’s a game I came across.

If I were to guess, I’d say it was one of my friends that mentioned it, because it’s one of the first games I got on Steam, and seeing as Life is Strange – Episode 1 was free (and still is as of writing this), who was I to make a hard pass?

Even so, if it did cost money, I would’ve probably bought it, as the name catches my attention. Plus, my friend usually knows a good game when he plays one.

I can’t say there weren’t flaws, but it’s a good game nonetheless.

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  • Soundtrack
  • Graphics have an original style
  • Choices have consequences
  • Emotionally-driven story


  • Characters lack emotional value
  • Stereotypical characters


This isn’t an open world game where you can wander around and see and talk to whomever you’d like. Instead, you’ve got areas you’re confined to until you do what you need to in order to progress forward.

That’s not to say there aren’t many things you can do in these areas, however. There are normally multiple things you can interact with and get some kind of viewpoint on, as well as characters to talk to, to get a feel for them.

This type of navigational system can be a good thing–you don’t get boggled down trying to find something that could be anywhere.


I was iffy on the graphics at first.

Being someone who used to draw a lot, games have to be aesthetically pleasing to my eyes in order for me to continue playing.

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It took a little while, but I finally adjusted to the style DONTNOD Entertainment was going for.

The visuals are very unique, and I think that’s what threw me off. After playing Life is Strange, I realized I’ve never came across the style in gameplay before, and if I ever saw a style like this, I knew it would have to either be part of this game, or an inspiration of.

The graphics are more watered down, with layers of color built into them. You can see the style a lot clearer when you look at a character’s hair. They have somewhat blocky texture, but it’s good.


This is a wandering point-and-click game that allows you to interact with multiple objects, as well as speak with the people around you. You can learn more about the place you live in, yourself, or the characters around you by these interactions. Plus, as mentioned in Navigation, you can’t stray too far from your objective.

Seeing as you have a power, you’re going to need to put it to use, so there are some puzzles to figure out. And if you make a wrong choice, there’s a chance you can go back and change it.

But remember: every choice has a consequence, and not every choice can be changed.

One of my biggest peeves about this game isn’t only the fact that some of these characters are so stereotypically it makes me groan internally, but also that they don’t have much emotional investment.

Max is our main character, but she speaks in such a dull monotone way. Even when she’s upset, it doesn’t sound like she’s upset. And she’s not the only character that is like this.

I don’t know why.

Emotions are a thing, people.


After playing through the entire Life is Strange session, I only have one thing to say: the soundtrack is phenomenal.

If you use Spotify, I highly recommend having the entire soundtrack downloaded and reserved for your listening pleasure. Even now, as of writing this, I have the game in the menu and am just listening to the background sound of the menu itself.

There’s nothing loud and obnoxious about any of the music. It’s pretty low-key, and you can only hear some of the music by interacting with certain things in game. A downside is it will have copyright issues when uploaded to YouTube.


This game has its laughs, but it’s a lot gloomier as it progresses. I won’t say that it never made me cry, but I will say it got to me, emotionally.

You’re dealing with almost every-day life. There are bullies, there are junkies, there are those that always seem to get in trouble no matter what, there’s struggling relationships. There’s a lot to take in.

I think, if you’re up for a pretty chill game without any type of rushed or action-packed shooting, then you should definitely get this game. It’s so worth it.

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