Un’Goro Crater: A Zone Overview in World of Warcraft

Un'Goro Crater

Un’Goro Crater is a contested zone full of prehistoric dinosaurs and a lush green landscape, meant for levels 40-60. Players would farm this zone for Ravasaur Hatchling. You’ll find a variety of areas that I cover in this zone, all up to date for patch 8.2.

Battle Pets [15-16]


Below are the types of treasure chests that I’ve found in Un’Goro Crater. You won’t be able to find a chest in every single location they appear in, and they are on a timer if someone happens to take the specific chests in the zone before you.


I don’t like farming herbs in Un’Goro Crater, so I left the map and data out. However, if you are still interested, that information will be found in my Routes product. Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it.


I’ve not tested the fishing route of this zone yet.


Players would come through this zone because it’s one of the easiest routes to take for farming Thorium Ore. On top of the ore, you can net a lot of high-priced gems (to this day, mind you). I had a habit of following people into this zone, going the opposite way, and looting all the ore and gems while leaving the stone. That way, when they came across a node, they’d get nothing but stone. I know. I’m an asshole.

mining route in un'goro crater

Timed: 30:00
Class: Druid

  • Thorium Ore – 368
  • Dense Stone – 485
  • Mithril Ore – 20
  • Solid Stone – 22
  • Truesilver Ore – 3
  • Large Opal – 5
  • Blue Sapphire -4
  • Huge Emerald – 3
  • Azerothian Diamond – 3
  • Arcane Crystal – 11
  • Citrine – 1
  • Star Ruby – 8
  • Black Vitriol – 2


I’ve not tested the skinning route of this zone yet.



Not enough information has been accumulated yet.


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