Best Places to Farm Silver Ore as of 8.2

Silver Ore

Silver Ore can be found wherever there happens to be a Tin Ore node. I feel like this type of ore shows up more often than a lot of the other rare ores, but perhaps that’s just because I spend more time in the zones that spawn this sucker.

Profession Required: Mining
Best Serves:  Mining

Best Places to Farm Silver Ore in World of Warcraft

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  • My miner is a Horde druid, thus giving faster in-and-out flight form.
  • If your mining skill isn’t high enough, you’ll be gathering Silver Ore Nugget.
  • Overall farming time: 30 minutes.

Side Note

  • You have a chance of gathering Lesser Moonstone, Moss Agate, and Shadowgem.

Eastern Kingdoms

Hillsbrad Foothills

This is a horde zone.

This zone can net you a ton of ore, but in saying that, there’s going to possibly be a lot of competition coming your way. You might find more of this ore in the caves–I choose not to go into them. But the more Tin Ore you accumulate, the more likely you’ll find Silver.

  • Silver Ore – 34


Stonetalon Mountains

This is a contested zone.

Color me impressed; I actually found more Silver in this zone than in Hillsbrad. I might chalk that up to not having any caves to go into like there are in Hillsbrad. Also, Stonetalon won’t have much of any competition.

  • Silver Ore – 40


Silver Bar
Used by Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, and Engineering
Equipments galore, though there are also keys that can be crafted, which people who aren’t rogues tend to like.
  • (1) Silver Ore

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