A Zone Overview of Kun-Lai Summit

kun-lai summit

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Kun-Lai Summit is a mountainous and contested zone meant for players level 82-90. You’ll also need the expansion Mists of Pandaria to gain access. I can’t remember doing any questing in this zone, but I’m sure I began some here. As far as farming, man the landscape is annoying.

Everything you find below is up to date for patch 8.2.


  • Mogu’shan Vaults
  • Shado-Pan Monastery

Battle Pets [23-25]


Below are the types of treasure chests that I’ve found in Kun-Lai Summit. You won’t be able to find a chest in every single location they appear in, and they are on a timer if someone happens to take the specific chests in the zone before you.


I’ve not tested the herb route of this zone yet.


I’ve not tested the fishing route of this zone yet.


Mountains. Mountains everywhere. Not to mention all the caves you might want to explore. I don’t typically go into caves when I’m creating a timed route because I get lost so easily, but don’t miss out on checking inside them at least. They could hold a rich node or Trillium. Plus, the node respawns will be quicker the more ore you mine. Aside from that–a damn good amount of Ghost Iron can be found here.

Mining Route in Kun-Lai Summit

Timed: 30:00
Class: Druid
Used: Mist-Piercing Goggles

  • Ghost Iron Ore – 367
  • Black Trillium Ore – 4
  • White Trillium Ore – 13


I’ve not tested the skinning route of this zone yet.



Not enough information has been accumulated yet.


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