Copper Bars and Their Uses in World of Warcraft

Best places to farm copper ore and rough stone in World of Warcraft

Copper Bars are either crafted by smelting Copper Ore, or its found in certain treasure chests in lower level zones. The latter is a more rare find, which makes the Copper Ore ordeal a wiser choice, for sure.

Profession Required: Mining
Best Serves:  Blacksmithing, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Mining

What to do with Copper Bars

Selling on the Auction House

If you’ve got a good amount of them–specifically if you’ve got the Mining profession and have been crafting them without any other profession that find much use in the bars, this is your best bet. Even if you’ve got a small amount–some you find throughout the world, then set them on the Auction House.

For something like bars, I typically use the addon Auctionator, so I can choose the selling price myself.

As far as how many I post on the AH, I’ll set them in stacks of 5, 10, 20, or 50, depending on how much I have in stock.

Crafting via Professions

If you have an alternate profession which deals with using Copper Bars, then that’s probably how you’re going to want to use them. Keep in mind, though, you’ll more than likely be needing more than one material to craft equipment and other such items.

Test them out, figure out which crafted items sell for either the most or the fastest over the AH. Even with the expansion of Battle for Azeroth being here, lower level items still sell. Maybe not the highest price ever, but lower levels may still need them.

While crafted items may sell for more, it’s best to check the Auction House beforehand to see what’s selling for how much. Sometimes ore sells for more, sometimes the bars, and then other times the crafted. It’s all realm-dependent.

You can check the sales via these sites:

Crafting with Copper Bars

Transmog Sets

First off, in case you’re looking for transmog outfits, here’s some of the outfits you can either start crafting, without finishing the entire set, or entire sets you can actually craft with no reliance on farming equipment or other professions.

Runed Copper Transmog Set
You can craft the entire Runed Copper set with Blacksmithing. The amount of materials you’ll need is stated below.

  • 48 Copper Bar
  • 20 Rough Stone
    • 10 Rough Grinding Stone
  • 1 Shadowgem
  • 2 Fine Thread

Knight’s Mail Transmog Piece
You can only craft one piece of equipment for this set with Blacksmithing–Ironforge Breastplate. The rest of it can be found from world drops.

  • 16 Copper Bar
  • 2 Tigerseye
  • 6 Rough Stone
    • 3 Rough Grinding Stone

Full Winter Garb Transmog Piece
This doesn’t have an actual preview, oddly enough, but people will pay quite a bit on the AH just to be dressed up in something festive throughout Feast of Winter’s Veil. You’ll be needing the Leatherworking profession to craft the Winter Boots.

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  • 1 Copper Bar
  • 1 Bolt of Woolen Cloth
  • 4 Rugged Leather
  • 1 Rune Thread

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