Tuning the Gnomecorder

Tuning the Gnomecorder is part of an alliance quest chain in Redridge Mountains per Classic World of Warcraft.

Tuning the Gnomecorder How-To

The gnomecorder looks to be in working order. I’ve got you all hooked up, now we just need to tune the gnomecorder for reception.

Head north out of Lakeshire and follow the road up to the graveyard. Once you reach the graveyard I’ll attempt to transmit.

Quest Objectives:

Go to the Lakeshire Graveyard to tune the Gnomecorder.

Tuning the Gnomecorder Guide

  • Starts: Magistrate Solomon (28,41)
  • Ends:  Automatic (32,39)

This quest comes after We Must Prepare! Leave the Town Hall and go up the path by the bridge a short ways. The graveyard is to the left at the coords 32,39.

The quest automatically completes itself.

Completion Rewards

Some of these rewards will vary depending on what class you’re playing, as well as the level you’re currently at. Thus, I don’t give the exact rewards.


  • Experience
  • 150 Reputation with Stormwind

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