The Road to Kun-Lai

The Road to Kun-Lai is part of a quest chain that starts in Valley of the Four Winds and ends in Kun-Lai Summit per Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft.

The Road to Kun-Lai How-To

Ah! Greetings friend of Lorewalker Cho. I have a message for you.

<The strange little creature hands you a battered scroll case.>

The Lorewalker waits for you in Kun-Lai. Very dangerous to travel there, yes, very dangerous.

Look for guides along the road to help you find your way.

Quest Objectives:

Travel through the Veiled Stair to Binan Village.

The Road to Kun-Lai Guide

  • Starts: Messenger Grummle (70,23)
  • Ends: Mayor Bramblestaff (72,91)

After finishing Warchief’s Command: Kun-Lai Summit, speak with Highroad Grummle, standing right next to the quest-giver. Head up the path of a hundred steps…which makes me wonder if they actually counted out a hundred steps, or they gave a rough estimate.

Yeah…probably counted each of them out.

The long walk isn’t over after the stairs. Your still going to be running for a while longer. Just stick to the dirt road until you come across a boat. Boof should be here, so just speak with him and enjoy the tunnel of hate.

Once in the clear, head over to the mayor in order to complete the quest.

Is this quest bugged?

I assume you mean you can’t see Boof. This may be due to several reasons, so what you can try is heading over to 72,93, just outside the tunnel and at the dock.

Still can’t find him?

Send a support ticket in, because I don’t know what you’ve done to make him hide from you.

Completion Rewards

Some of these rewards will vary depending on what class you’re playing, as well as the level you’re currently at. Thus, I don’t give the exact rewards.


  • Money
  • Experience

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