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Meet the Mayor

Meet the Mayor is the initial quest you’ll obtain upon starting the game Re:Legend.

Is There Character Customization?

character creation in Re:Legend

What do you think of the character creation screen? I think I love the different style of eyes the most.

Why yes. Yes, there is.

Though the options are limited (for now–there may be more features in the future), I find it interesting that we can actually choose to wear different outfits. Normally in games, you get a glimpse of an outfit you could obtain, eventually, and then some freebies. But you get six outfits at the start to see which one fits your character’s personality.

The image shows the female, obviously, but when I first looked at the male, there were resemblances between them. The male didn’t look too masculine. Perhaps it’s the chibified look, however.

In any case, the screenshot shows for now what you can take control of character creation-wise.

Where’s the Mayor?

Obviously, you’ll need to meet the mayor in order to fulfill your quest’s needs.

meet the mayor location in Re:Legend

Upon leaving the hospital take the right path out. Once you’re in the main portion of the town (think of it as the town square, I guess), you’ll want to head upward.  You can try to have a look around, but a lot of the places you won’t have access to. This is probably to prevent you from getting too lost or straying too far from the initial quest.

At the upper portion of town, you’ll see the house shown in the screenshot.

Be prepared to see a mayorly looking man who also could definitely be a villain, judging by his outward appearance.

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