5 Best Practices for Making Gold in World of Warcraft as of 8.2

world of warcraft goldmaking

Making gold in World of Warcraft can be as easy as logging into the game itself. But that’s only if you’ve already set yourself up to bring in the cash, such as having items already in the Auction House to begin with.

I’m a very strong advocate that you don’t have to be a high level in order to make gold. In fact, I make guides to show lower levels how they can build their income without needing to be at max level.

So whether you have Battle for Azeroth or not, these goldmaking practices should set you along the golden path no matter what expansion you start with, and no matter what level you’re currently at.

Here’s to the life of goldmaking.

1.) Hit Level Cap

Remember how I said players can make gold no matter what level they are, no matter if you have no other toons, and no matter if you have any money?

That still stands.

But I’m listing this here because when you do hit level cap, things will become easier for you to farm. Be it with others or even solo. You can take less damage and hit harder with the right gear. Not only that, but you’ll also have more in regards to your crafting professions–if you’ve chosen the crafting route.

Is this a priority? No. It’s definitely a plus, however, for making gold.

2.) Farm for Gold

This method is one that everyone has used at least once in their journey of leveling and traveling and dungeoning. After all, you’ll need materials in order to use different professions, and not everyone always has enough gold to obtain said mats through the Auction House.

As you can probably tell from browsing TGEXP, I tend to busy myself with making gold in World of Warcraft by farming. And if you couldn’t tell, you should take a look at my World of Warcraft farming guides that features a variety of mats and professions.

Now, when I say farm for gold, I typically mean the following professions:

  • Fishing
  • Herbalism
  • Mining
  • Skinning

But I’m also talking about farming other things that don’t quite need a profession to gather.

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  • Rare mobs
  • Cloth
  • Treasures

Don’t ever think that farming is meant only for those with specific professions. By hunting rares or looting treasures, you might acquire rare items that sell for a lot on the Auction House. In fact, if you want to know the profit of certain items when farming, I highly suggest the addon Loot Appraiser made by ProfitzTV The same thing goes for when you’re on the look-out for treasures.

And, if you don’t mind farming for any of the above, I have my own farming routes available for purchase. You’ll not only get all my in-game routes, but also a PDF that reveals all the data I’ve collected on specific zones.

All of it is in one place and kept up-to-date.

To end this option of goldmaking, I want to say it doesn’t always have to be boring. Sure, there’s ways to get past the boredom by having something in the background–music or a movie or YouTube or a second account or whatever–but some people don’t have the luxury of an alternate monitor to divide their attention. But you can always make it fun by interacting with others.

WTBGold does some fun things with others when it comes to farming specific areas. These are primarily timed events where players try to accumulate the most gold possible.

3.) Craft What Players Want and Need

Everyone wants something, and then there are those that need something, so to say you don’t know what to make and you don’t know if someone will want what you craft is ludicrous.

  • Miners craft bars, which often times are used for both blacksmithing and engineering.
  • Blacksmiths craft gear and weapons–useful for those in PvE and PvP before they obtain better gear on their own.
  • Engineers can craft a variety of unique gadgets, but also mounts.
  • Tailors can also craft mounts, but they’re also able to craft transmog items, for looks and RP purposes.
  • Scribes craft glyphs–while not as useful as they once were, people still want them–along with decks of cards and some trinkets.
  • Cooking lets you sell what players who do raids need for buffs and such.

There’s so much more to do here regarding professions.

There used to be a big thing with Profession Kits, as people called them, if I’m not mistaken. You basically grabbed enough materials for someone to level their profession to max and ask for payment for all said items. I’m not sure you can do that during Battle for Azeroth, as professions have become simplified in leveling.

Just ask yourself what people want. Why people would want it. If it’s good enough to craft. If the money made will be worth it.

4.) Play the Auction House

This is what a lot of players do who are in the goldmaking business and accumulate hundreds of thousands per week. You don’t always have to sit there waiting for something to sell, or to constantly undercut one person. For the most part, you just need to place your items on the AH, then go about your business–real life or on WoW.

Players who have more than one monitor have it easy when it comes to the AH. You can watch what’s going on on one screen–see the deals and undercuts and whatnot–while also doing your own things on another monitor.

Quick and easy access.

If you don’t and have a single monitor, you can still make gold very easily. Just make sure you have some addons to help you out.

Best Addons for Goldmaking

  • TradeSkillMaster – You’re one-stop addon for almost everything to do with making gold on the auction house.
  • Auctionator – If I want to sell mats, I’ll use this to separate the stack sizes to how I want, as well as do my own pricing based on how much competition I have.
  • AuctionSold – OK, this one is just fun because it features Sheldon’s voice from Big Bang Theory yelling “Bazinga!”

There are a ton of guides out there on TSM, so I won’t even go into detail. I know the bare bones of it and that’s enough for me. Basically, you can mass deposit items on the AH in record time and base the pricing on a module inside the program.

I just made it sound horribly complex, but it’s not.

Another things TSM helps you do is buy low and sell high. You don’t need it always, especially if you’re used to the price range of certain markets. Buy out the cheapest and sell it for higher. I’ve gone all out and bought out glyphs before MoP came out and posted my own up. They sold like mad.

Tinker with it, yeah?

5.) Follow Fellow Goldmakers

I’ve already mentioned one of them and I think there are several others that need a shoutout for the amazing things they do to help out the goldmaking community. I won’t spoil what they do. I want you to check them out for yourself and see what they’re doing to make gold in World of Warcraft.


It’s something I don’t often do, myself.

Each and every one of them have something different to offer. Some of them are more about posting visuals and information on specific addons. Others bring advice through streaming via Twitch. And then there are those that interact in-game with followers.

There are, of course, so many other goldmakers out there, and I apologize for having missed them, but this should give you a good start.


There are a ton of ways to make gold, from Battle for Azeroth to Classic WoW. You simply have to find the way that suits you best.

I like farming, but others think it’s boring and a waste of time. I don’t like sitting at the AH waiting for a ding, but other goldmakers will sit there on a toon on an alternate account, because they have more than one monitor to work with. And then there are those that dance naked in Goldshire and get paid that way, but let’s not touch that subject.

Seriously. Not touching it.

A Question for the Viewer

Is there a way you make gold that you enjoy over things that others may be doing? Battle pets, perhaps? Vendor items that people wouldn’t think would sell? Feel free to spill your secrets for the world.

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