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Coin Guard Merchandise

Coin Guard Merchandise is a side mission of the game Greedfall, falling under the category of Before the Departure. It’s automatically given to you after speaking with Kurt in The Great Departure.

Coin Guard Merchandise Guide

Negotiate with the vendor

This is the route I use to get to the merchant–keep in mind there are a variety of other ways to do so, and I encourage you to wander around and loot everything you can find.

  • Run down the ramp and the flight of stairs, continuing straight until you hit the gated dead end.
  • Turn left and follow two flights of stairs down until you’re in an area with a gated tree.
  • Go through the wooden doorway crack and you’ll see a blazing fire.
  • Turn left and run until you see a green door (quest within), then go right through the alleyway.

Kurt will mention the merchant, and you’ll come up on him at his booth to your right.

Speak to him and choose both options:

  1. Ask for more instructions
  2. Ask about other merchants

After that, you’ll get prompted with another set of options. This one relies heavily on what you’ve chosen for your character at the start of the game.

  1. [Charisma] Threaten a prison sentence
  2. [Intuition] Offer a bribe
  3. Threaten him
  4. Leave

If the top options don’t work, you’ll have to resort to threatening.

Inform the Coin Guard Barracks quartermaster in Serene

There are two paths to take–one initiates combat with a group of enemies while another does not. Of course we’re going to take the route where a fight breaks out.

  • Turn around from the booth and go through the alley for a fight.
  • Continue left, then take a right and another right.
  • Before ascending the steps, turn left and you’ll find your destination.

The quartermaster is sitting at his desk.

Find a way to move the cargo to Teer Fradee

You’re going to want to talk to the Naut captain of the ship you’ll be traveling on.

  • Leave the building and make a left, and then another.
  • It’s a straight shot to the warehouses, where you’ll descend a ramp and keep following the path it takes.

After hearing his speech, there’s quite a bit of dialogue to choose from. It’s all for a variety of quests, but you’ll want to choose: Ask for help on the merchandize.

Tamper with the ship’s log in the Harbour Master’s Office

Of course the captain’s not going to help you outright. Instead, you’ll need to do some tampering. Lucky for us, the warehouse is not far at all.

  • Turn around behind you and go up the ramp.
  • Go right twice and the warehouse can be seen up ahead.

If you’re wearing the “torso” equipment with the emblem of black background or blue, you’ll easily waltz right into the warehouse. If not, you’ll also be able to create a laced drink. If that’s still not viable, you may have to try your hand at sneaking, or battle.

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There are three people in the building. I was able to sneak in and assassinate two of the guards before obtaining the correct Naut torso. The ship manifest is on the second floor, in a…bedroom on a desk.

Interact with it twice (if I’m not mistaken).

Clear out the warehouse guards

You only need to exit the warehouse and approach the guard near the second building for a cutscene. If you’re got the right attire on (I think you should at this point), you’ll be good to go.

Prepare a drink laced with sleeping pills

Here’s a little bit of a run and the route I chose.

  • There’s a quest giver close by where you first approached the warehouse. (If you don’t have the talent Science, accept his quest.) Make a left before interacting with him.
  • Take the second right and follow the path to the workbench.

This is where you’ll do all your craftwork–be it potions or equipment. If you don’t have the Science talent, you won’t be able to complete this step. If you have the Science talent, you’ll still need the ingredients.

This step is purely optional.

Inform the porters

  • Facing the workbench, go right and straight, a little to the right and straight again to go into an alley.
  • Follow it out and then another left will take you to your destination.

It’s the same quest giver mentioned before. Get through the cutscene and you’re done with them.

Talk to the Coin Guard barracks quartermaster in New Serene

You won’t be able to complete this step if you haven’t finished finding your cousin and set sail, so if that still needs to get done, hop to it!

Speak with the quartermaster when you reach New Serene and he’ll tell you the shipped goods are now in another warehouse. To make matters worse, the forged documents aren’t going to fool the people around here, and most of the workers can’t read.

That means you have to get into the warehouses, find the goods, and mark them.

As before, use the proper tunic to match the faction, otherwise there will be some fighting.

Once complete, go back to the quartermaster for a job well done.


I don’t have enough Intuition or Charisma?

With Charisma at a 50% chance, it’s fair to say you might get good dialogue from it. My chances were crap, though. Out of 3 times, I failed all 3.

Intuition +1 can be reached by equipping Discoverer’s Hat, which you should have in your inventory.

What are the best talents to have?

  • Science allows you to craft a sleeping potion for one of the possible mission choices.
  • Charisma gives you a boost in a dialogue option.
  • Lockpicking will allow you to loot several chests that won’t have keys available.

What reputations can I boost?

Coin Guard rep.

Where can I get a torso with the appropriate faction?

You can actually get one as an award in another mission where you’re searching for the cabin boy. Aside from that, you might be able to purchase one from a vendor, if you have enough gold or find something in one of the treasure chests of the warehouse.

It’s possible even one of the guards may drop a piece of equipment.

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