Bravo Company Field Kit: Camouflage

Bravo Company Field Kit: Camouflage is an alliance quest in Redridge Mountains per Classic World of Warcraft.

Bravo Company Field Kit: Camouflage How-To

We’re gonna need some supplies before we take out the Blackrock army and save Redridge. That’s where you come in, rookie.

Keeshan put me in charge of getting camouflage together for the Bravo Company field kit. What I need you to do is head south and do a little “gardening.” There are two parts to this little adventure that you should know about: (1) Leaves and (2) Fox poop. We need ’em both.

What did you think camo was made of?

Head south and gather what I asked for.

Quest Objectives:

Gather 5 Piles of Leaves and 5 pieces of Fox Poop.

Bravo Company Field Kit: Camouflage Guide

  • Starts: Krakauer (52,55)
  • Ends: Krakauer (52,55)

You’ll need to have completed It’s Never Over before this quest opens up.

This quest is a fun one. Raking in the piles of leaves isn’t so bad, but when it comes to scooping fox poop, well, the quest gets a little gross. It’s not the first time you’ll be dealing with doo-doo either, but as long as you can’t actually smell it, I guess it’s not so bad.

Beats cleaning animal crap in the yard, right?

After you’ve collected enough, turn the quest in.

Completion Rewards

Some of these rewards will vary depending on what class you’re playing, as well as the level you’re currently at. Thus, I don’t give the exact rewards.


  • Experience
  • 250 Reputation with Stormwind

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