Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – A Journey into War

A Journey into War is the third main mission in The Wolf Hunt you’ll get in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey within the area of Megaris. Or rather, beforehand?

A Journey into War Guide

We’ve recruited our new lieutenant (unless you killed him) for our ship, and now it’s time to head to Megaris.

A Journey Into War

Before heading to Megaris, you’re blocked off by several ships. At this point you’re probably able to upgrade your ship at least once in some area, so take advantage of that.

  • You can destroy one of the smaller ships in one hit with ramming.
  • Fire braziers can do extra damage, so upgrading that may help.
  • Board a ship before completely destroying it and you’ll obtain some equipment from chests.
  • Destroy a ship completely and you’ll get a good chunk of resources.

A Journey into War

Once they’re out of the way, head to the final destination of the mission. Once close enough to the shore, you’ll initiate a cutscene regarding Nikolaos and Stentor. These will provide you with a few choices, but they don’t always matter.

Choices #1:

  • So, you’re my brother.
    This will initiate a conversation regarding who Stentor is, and how Nikolaos’s children had died.
  • Nikolaos’s children died.
    Stentor speaks of Nikolaos’s previous family’s dishonor and states his role.

Choices #2:

  • I was just passing through.
    Stentor doesn’t believe you and thinks you’re here to kill the Wolf like every other mercenary.
  • I’ve come to meet the Wolf.
    Stentor is obviously not going to let you just meet the Wolf because he’s busy with an army and all that.
  • I’ve come to pledge my sword.
    In order to pledge your sword to the Wolf, you’ll need to do Stentor (and even Nikolaos and his army) a favor.

It doesn’t matter which answer you choose in the end; no matter what, you’ll still be given a mission from Stentor.

Choices #3:

  • I’m ready to serve.
    You’re not like the others because you don’t request a reward first. He could definitely use people like you to help them.
  • I’ll help for a price.
    Typical of your type, but you’re better off helping them than the enemy.

Again, no matter what, Stentor will give you the same mission.


  • 2100 XP

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