Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – In the Footsteps of Gods

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In the Footsteps of Gods is the second mission of Another Day, Another Drachma.

More information on this mission and others are listed on my Kephallonia Island guide, free for public consumption.

Check the world map to find this quest and speak with the priestess about a spear.

You’ll be looking for the Melissani Cave, which is not too far from Lightning Zeus.

There will be a cave connected to the water. Once in the cave, dive into the water until you can come up for air. There will be two enemies to kill, then you can grab the Treasure that holds the Spear of Kephalos.

Go back to the priestess.

  • Let’s talk about my reward first.
    You’ll get drachma and XP, but the XP will be less.
  • I’ll give it to you.
    You’ll get more XP, but no drachma.

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