Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Equal Employment Opportunity Program

Equal Employment Opportunity Program is the second main mission in The Wolf Hunt you’ll get in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey within the area of Phokis.

Where is Equal Employment Opportunity Program?


  • The camp is on an island, in Phokis
  • It is south of the Sacred Lands of Apollo
  • The island is known to have a shipwreck on its shores

Equal Employment Opportunity Program in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

You’ll acquire this mission after you’ve completed Learning the Ropes–it’s automatic.

The fact that the mission is on an island makes you believe the area in question is the Isle of Thisvi. But it isn’t. And yes, I actually went over there first. There are missions there we’ll get to, but none of them are what you’re looking for here.

Instead, it’s not really shown on the map. You’ll find it easier with Ikaros.

Equal Employment Opportunity Program Guide

Equal Employment Opportunity Program Guide

Approach the small island and you’ll be able to dock your ship. Do so and send Ikaros out to scout where all the enemies are. Typically there are three (and sometimes a dog). Ikaros will also find the important person we’re here to recruit.


Equal Employment Opportunity Program Guide

Approach Phemios and you’ll get a prompt on how to use knock out.


  • Recruit him to your ship and the quest can be completed.
  • Kill him, in which case you’ll fail the quest.

From this point on you’ll be able to recruit whoever you want to if given the choice. But if you’re recruiting someone, an enemy can see you during the small cutscene, so don’t recruit in a heavily populated area.

Speak to Barnabas when you’re done.


  • Equipment
  • 1900 XP

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