Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Kephallonia Island Guide

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Welcome to the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey guide and walkthrough for the Kephallonia Island. This is not a straight-forward path to just one quest, but adds in a lot of the side missions as well as treasures I’ve found and obtained along the way.

Some of the things I may have missed. I might know of those some, however.

Guides like this will mostly be available via membership, though I do like to give free samples so people know what to expect.

  • There will be main questlines, as well as side quests, and treasures, and ore separated into sections on this page.
  • Most of the important items and NPCs are color-coordinated so they stand out.
  • Links will take you to screenshot images for clarity.
  • I played this game via Hard Mode.

What you won't find

  • Achievements. If you’re looking for where to get certain achievements, head to the achievement page.
  • Abilities I’ve chosen–this is all on you, baby.
  • Screenshots of every single thing. C’mon now, look around.
  • Locations of Orichalcum. I plan to add these at a later time.

General tips

  • Use Ikaros constantly to scout areas out and find treasures, especially before entering caves.
  • Whistle to get someone’s attention, but don’t abuse it.
  • Hide bodies in shrubbery.
  • Create fire arrows by dropping your torch on the ground, then dipping your arrow in the flame.
  • Phobos runs faster than you, but you climb better than a horse.

[1] So It Begins [Start]

Cutscene, and then a battle with a couple thugs.

This is another kind of intro battle. As in the Prologue, you’ll get hints on what you need to do with the two thugs to take them out. They’re simple, so don’t worry about the fact you’re without abilities.

Once they’re down, there’s another cutscene with Phoibe, in which you’ll converse about a character named Markos.

After said conversation, you’ll have a choice with the two thugs you fought:

  • Get out of here
    You’ll set the both of them free, but there will also be a battle in which they get comrades to try and take you out a second time.
  • You’re dead
    This is where you finish them off, and no more drama will ensue.

Climb up the shabby little house and loot your Treasure, then put on your equipment.


As you face your clothing, turn around and send Ikaros to scout ahead for a Treasure that’ll possibly hold weaponry or armor for you.

Wreckage of the Lost Bandit

Turn around again and send Ikaros to set marker on another Treasure in shallow water, inside the debris of a broken ship.

You’ll need to dispatch a thug.

Location complete: 150 XP

Islet of Zeus

If you do decide to do this here and now, you’ll get a quick completion for the quest Shark the Vagrant.

Facing the chest you just looted, scout and tag the Treasure that’s within the (?) up ahead.

This is a bit tricky, as it’s sitting in deeper water and there are (typically) three sharks circling the area. Two of which were (for me) level 5. You’ll want to swim out into the water as close as you dare and dive down. Try to hide in the foliage if you can–note that I did get attacked by a level 5 shark, but I survived and managed to loot the chest for Prokris’s Necklace.

Once looted, swim out of there as fast and unseen as you can.

Temple of Zeus Chthonios

Send Ikaros to scout toward the north where some ruins are. Within them you’ll find three wolves–one of them is an Alpha that you’ll want to kill.

It’s best to try and lure the weaker wolves away from the others. Once you take care of one, you can climb the ruins until you’ve got a good advantage for an assassination on another wolf (preferably the Alpha). Once that’s done, kill the other and you’re good to go.

Location complete: 150 XP

Cave of Tethys

Not far from the wolf’s ruins is a cave where you can find another Treasure. Scout it out and tag the location.

Jump into the water and dive down. There’s no air within the cave and the treasure can be found on the bottom. Loot it and swim out the way you came.

Location complete: 150 XP

[1] So It Begins [End]

If you chose to spare the thugs in the beginning, then there will be an ambush waiting for you on the road to Kephallonia. You can spot the thugs via Ikaros and stealth attack most, if not all of them.

Once within Kephallonia you can find a document on the top section inside a warehouse area called Ashes to Ashes.

Head toward Markos, but before speaking with him, climb to the top of the house and loot the Treasure.

Now, Markos and his cutscene.

You’ll have a decision on which horse you want, and, honestly, it doesn’t really matter which you. While each one will have “benefits”, they aren’t really there. Choose which one you like the most. All of them are called Phobos.

After this, you’ll enter another cutscene regarding Phoibe becoming kidnapped.

  • Engraving: +2% Hunter Damage
  • Level 2

Quest complete: 750 XP


Before you do anything, go to the Sync Location by climbing all the way up the statue and onto the end of Zeus’s arm.

Shield your eyes, children. His gender is not hidden.

Melissani Cave

At the top of Zeus, you can see a cave not too far away.

Jump into the water of the Melissani Cave and dive under for a Treasure. You’ll acquire the Bottomless Lake document.

Next, go above the surface and there will be a cave connected to the water. Once in the cave, dive into the water again until you can come up for air. There will be two enemies to kill, then you can grab the Treasure that holds the Spear of Kephalos.

Location completed: 165 XP

In the Footsteps of Gods

Check the world map to find this quest and speak with the priestess about a spear. You’ll automatically be able to complete the quest, since you’ve already acquired the item.

  • Let’s talk about my reward first.
    You’ll get drachma and XP, but the XP will be less.
  • I’ll give it to you.
    You’ll get more XP, but no drachma.

  • Engraving unlocked: +2% Assassin Damage
  • Level 3

Quest complete: 1375 XP

Abandoned House

This place has Treasure you can loot, and it’s not guarded. Send Ikaros up and search it out–it’s the closest place to you right now.

Location completed: 165 XP

Hungry Gods

Open the map and locate the side mission Hungry Gods. Head over to it and speak with the man outside the cave.

Once inside and near the statue, investigate the magnifying glass locations, then go through the crack in the wall.

There are a variety of enemies within the cave, so prepare yourself to assassinate some bandits. After they’re clear, there’s a Treasure up top.

Location complete: 165 XP

Go back the way you came for a cutscene–choose #2 (I hear your prayer) to begin the quest Merciful Gods.

Exit the cave and turn in the quest.

Quest complete: 825 XP

Merciful Gods [End]

If you happened upon the cutscene while searching through the cave of the statue and its offerings (Hungry Gods mission), then here’s where we’ll be finishing that quest.

However, before you go, check out the message board for the quest Mercenary Work. If you already have some wolf pelts, you can turn it in. If not, don’t worry, you’ll get some soon.

Send Ikaros to scout for a Treasure in town if you haven’t already done so.

Once obtained, head to the mission area and investigate all the magnifying glass areas, then set the loot into the woman’s basket.

Quest completed: 1200 XP

Lake Abythos

This is the biggest lake you’ll find on the map of Kephallonia Islands. Once close enough, you can send Ikaros to scout out the lake which will have 4 Treasures within it.

You’ll also complete that document Bottomless Lake.

  • Engraving unlocked: +10% CRIT Damage with Full Health

Debt Collector [Start]

Time to get on with one of the main missions–saving Phoibe.

Head to the area in question and once you’re close enough a cutscene will begin. At this point the game gives you a few more clues on what to do when it comes to assassinating people unseen. The enemies here are all easy to assassinate.

Once they’re gone, look through the Treasure then set Phoibe free.

At the end of the cutscene, you’ll learn about Bounty Hunters, and the side mission A Fight with Talos. You’ll want to avoid him for now.

Location completed: 180 XP

Ktesipos's Shipwreck

This location is out in the sea, but the water isn’t too terribly deep. I never witnessed any sharks around, only harmless jellyfish. So grab the Treasure and you’re set. Go back to the mainland and find Duris.

Location completed: 180 XP

Debt Collector [End]

Meet with Duris at his shop and speak with him.

On the second set of options, you’ll want to choose the second option, because you’ll be acquiring Duris’s Sword, which should be a nice upgrade.

Return to Markos.

Follow Drucilla so she can repair your bow.

  • Engraving unlocked: +2% Warrior Damage
  • Level 4

Quest completed: ?? XP

The Blood Fever

Speak with Drucilla again about Lumbering Along and tell her you’ll stop the bandits.

Be careful of the bounty hunter–he’ll be close by at this point. In fact, he’ll downright teleport nearby, even if you checked and saw him across the map.

Fast travel to Lightning Zeus, then to the start of Blood Fever where you’ll talk with Phoibe. Not too far from her is Markos, so talk to him to continue An Eye for an Eye.

After doing all that, you’ll be heading over to  a family that are in a troublesome situation.

Before you actually get to the family, you’ll be wanting to check out the Treasure and pit of ash to resolve the Ashes to Ashes ostraka.

Engraving unlocked: +3% Adrenaline per Hit

Now you can either attack the “enemies” over here, or talk to the main one to figure out what’s going on. You’ll have a choice to make.

  • Let these people go.
    The family lives. A plague outbreak will happen in Kephallonia, and if you ever choose to come back here, you’ll find that not many people are left alive.
  • I have no say in this.
    The family dies. There will be no outbreak of any kind.

Quest completed: 975 XP

Wolf Cavern

The undiscovered location you’re heading to now is a Wolf Cavern.

Be careful in this area, because while there are wolves inside the den, they’ll also be wandering around outside the cave and in the ruins nearby (there’s a Treasure here). You might want to tag them with Ikaros to be on the safe side.

Location completed: 195 XP

An Eye for an Eye

Next up: Cyclops’s Lair.

There are numerous enemies around this location, so make sure you try and tag all of them with Ikaros to give you a better understanding of where you could be to better strike at them.

Don’t forget the two lion cages on the outer portion as well as a single lion cage within the area of the Eye. They can help you distract the enemies while you either take them down, or take the Eye without being spotted.

Note that there is an alternate path to sneak into, but I hardly ever use it. (It looks like a staircase icon.)

The Obsidian Eye is in a small house on the table. You can also find a Treasure in another house.

Location completed: 195 XP

Fast travel to Lightning Zeus and head to Markos to turn in the quest.

Quest completed: 1625 XP

Wolf Cavern

Go into the map and choose the nearest location before doing another main quest. This one is another wolf den, Aggalaki Cavern.

There are a few wolves inside the den to deal with–one Alpha and two lessers. Don’t forget the Treasure, of course.

Level 5
Engraving unlocked: +2% Health

Location completed: 195 XP

Shark the Vagrant (end)

Remember back when you dove into shark-infested waters toward the beginning of the adventure and grabbed a necklace from a chest? This is why you went there in the first place.

Speak to the couple located at the quest area and you can automatically give them the necklace and that’s that.

Quest completed: 1500 XP

Lumber Shipyard

Tag the closes location and start on your way to the Lumber Shipyard.

If you’re lucky when you come up to the area, there will be a wolf (or maybe several) that are attacking the enemies. While they’re distracted, you can help the wolves kill some of them.

If that’s not the case, then be careful of nearby roaming wolves as you plant out your attack of these people. They’re a bit spaced out and roam the area.

A Treasure is in a tent (typically with someone sleeping in it). The Lumber you need is in it. A pouch of Precious Gems is out on the docks.

Location completed: 225 XP


Tag the location at the top of the map here and let’s be on our way.

This location is an easy one. You’ll need to take out a few enemies, but aside from that, everyone else is a civilian. I normally go in the cover of night so the civvies don’t really see me stealing items in front of them.

Treasure is in the enemy territory, while the second Treasure is in another safer area.

Location completed: 225 XP

Lumbering Along (end)

Fast travel to Lightning Zeus and head to the woman with the lumber issues.

You’ll just need to have a chat with her and turn in the quest.

Quest completed: 1500 XP

Mercenary Work (end)

From all the running around doing other quests (specifically the wolf caves), you should have enough wolf fur (I think?) to turn in. Unless you accidentally sold them all right before you speak to the quest giver. In that case, just find more wolves.

Quest completed: 1500 XP

Fancy Guests

You went to the Abandoned House a long while back, and now you’re going back there, because there are some unsettling guests bunking down in it. Kill them and you’ll get a cutscene.

Level 6
Engraving unlocked: +6% Total Armor

Quest completed: 1500 XP

A Fight with Talos (end)

This is where the mercenary Talos the Stone Fist confronted me.

Obviously, you might’ve encountered him sooner than this, or maybe even later. At this point in time, Talos is fairy simple to defeat. Once this is done, you’ll get an Arena Invitation which starts the quest They Just Want Cruelty.

Engraving unlocked: +4% Adrenaline per CRIT

Quest completed: 1700 XP

Penelope's Shroud

You’ll be making your way to Odysseus’s Palace (+51 XP) on the little boat that’s available for you. Or just swim; it doesn’t really matter.

Before making your way into enemy territory, however, scout with Ikaros and find the enemies as well as the Treasure.

What he doesn’t show you is up ahead on another dilapidated building is an ostraka called Fatal Attraction.

Once you get those two items, you can head further in and start picking people off. Penelope’s Shroud is off of one of the elite people, so once you kill him, just loot his corpse.

Kill everyone else you want to, then grab all the items you can (like the Treasure).

Location completed: 255 XP

A Small Odyssey

Head to the lady in a locked cage with a quest called A Small Odyssey.

All you’ll need to do is escort/follow Odessa to one area, and then go toward the beach with her. If you killed everyone, no problem, otherwise you’ll need to pick off the enemies who are still alive.

Before she takes off, there will be a conversation.

Personally, I always went with the good answers, because choosing the other options just seems to make her mad. If mad enough, I’m not sure if you’d be able to get with her later on, if you get my meaning.

Quest completed: 1700 XP

Cave of the Nymphs

The next destination is a cave that doesn’t actually belong to wolves. Instead, you’ll need to deal with a few people–one of them being elite. They’ll be on the outside of the cave.

Once they’re taken care of, there’s a Treasure inside the cave.

Location completed: 255 XP

Ostraka Resolved

The ostraka Fatal Attractions mentions a sacrifice and a goat, so this location isn’t exactly pinpointed on the map; you’d have to find it yourself.

It’s a fairly small area, and the goat is on a slab of stone.

Engraving unlocked: +2% Damage with Swords and Daggers

Bandit Camp

I don’t have a screenshot of this area, but it’s the next closest undiscovered location on the map. The bandit camp consists of only a few enemies; however, I was attacked by some wolves nearby as well, so keep a lookout.

The Treasure consists of some gems.

Location completed: 255 XP

Penelope's Shroud (end)

Fast travel to Lightning Zeus, then go to Elpenor to finish the quest. He’ll give you the shroud to wear as well as the start to a new quest.

Level 7
Engraving unlocked:
+4% Fire Damage

Quest completed: 2125 XP

The Big Break

Go to the shipyard to initiate a conversation regarding a boat. You won’t get one, but you’ll find where you can get one.

Time to face off against the Cyclops.

The place is crawling with enemies, as well as a variety of other things.

I typically go in the way you see in the screenshot, but there’s also another entrance (shown via staircase icon). Once you get close enough to where the Cyclops is, a cutscene will begin and you’ll be forced into a battle with him and anyone else that might be nearby at the time.

It’s a fight that will make you pay attention to where everyone is around you, but other than that, it shouldn’t be too bad.

A Ship Came Sailing

Once the enemies are cleared, don’t worry about Barnabas. Instead, head down the docks and free a person in a cage for the quest A Ship Came Sailing. Escort them to the top where you’ll be rewarded for bringing him up safe and sound.

Quest completed: 1900 XP

Kleptous Lookout

Free Barnabas, then head to Kleptous Lookout.

There are several enemies here–one of them being an elite. Take them all out and grab your Treasure.

Location completed: 285 XP

Kleptous Lookout

Acquire your new fast travel point: Star Observatory.

Last, but not least, go to where Barnabas is and have a chat with him for a boat. You’ll probably need to fast travel to Lightning Zeus then head to the docks where a cutscene begins, and your newest journey awaits.

Quest completed: 2375 XP

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