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Fallstreak, just when you think it can’t get you any more psychologically involved…BAM.

Purchased: Steam
Achievements: No
DLC: None

This is probably the second, possibly third, visual novel that I’ve played, and it’s more than likely one of the deepest ones that I’ve started in on.  Like a lot of visual novels, there’s no voice acting going on, but it’s a book with a pretty picture to go with it.

Or maybe even a dark picture.

I’m saying nothing else.

Except what’s in the review below.


  • Pleasant music
  • Graphics are well-done
  • Interesting story-telling


  • Writing is a bit slow at times
  • Characters are awkward to get used to
  • Scenes can be downright violent


No navigating through this game. You’re simply reading what’s on the screen and continuing on through there.

Visual novel guys, come on.


I tend to go toward the visual novels that are appealing to me. This means the graphics have to be nice to look at, which is kind of a shame to a lot of artists out there that put a lot of effort into their own style that doesn’t fit my tastes.

I know, a game doesn’t have to be graphically appealing to be amazing, but I gotta have something nice to look at.

Fallstreak fits that category.


From the start of the game, there’s a deepness to its questions and statements that I think many people may have had thoughts of, regarding them at least once in their life–I certainly have. And as you read on, you’ll also notice that there are a lot of similes going on.

As someone who used to write a lot, I like making use of similes, because comparisons can be fun and helpful in describing something.

But this game pumps them out a lot, and after a while, if you’re used to catching them, you’ll start looking for them. That takes your attention away from the game.

There are different characters you meet, and a lot of them are a bit odd. Or off. They just act weird, and it’s even stated by the main character that some of them are a little difficult to read or don’t think in the same ways as others might.

It’s explained for some of them. Don’t hate them too much on how they are at the start.

In sticking to what the story talks about, it’s all a little sad and will certainly make you do double-takes with what they speak of. But it’s not without a touch happiness in being alive and around people you care about.


The music is very delicate and nice to listen to if you enjoy being serenaded by a piano during the entire playthrough.

If you don’t like piano, well, you can always mute the game and listen to banjos and bluegrass or something.

No, but there are other instrumental moments, and the music is never in your face or anything. There aren’t any long-suffering quiet moments. It’s also not exactly a melody that you can get stuck in your head, either.

Some sound effects, like the rain and actions people use, seem to be rather loud, however. Like, I jumped several times.

But I’m a jumpy person.


Okay, so some of the writing can be downright grotesque, but there’s almost always some kind of meaning behind it all. I think that’s why I like this visual novel so much.

Yeah, there were some ghastly parts, but they could also make you think about things, and bring forth emotions that a lot of other visual novels I’ve played haven’t.

I really like the writing as well, though the character can be a bit over-the-top sometimes.

I’d recommend this game to anyone who likes the genre and isn’t too squeamish on graphic detail.

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