Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, a game of segregation between the augments and the naturals, and the act of solving an undercover operation.

Note: I purchased this game through Humble Bundle.

I’m not too into shooter games. Especially not after having played The Division with a friend for a long while. Something about constantly dying aggravates my soul.

But let’s face it, I die a lot in almost every video game you can die in.

Plus, this game isn’t co-op.

In any case, something about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided interested me. Perhaps it was the graphics of it. Perhaps it was the description that called to me. Perhaps it was the low cost and a possible bundle of multiple games that did interest me.

I bought it. I’ve played it. I’ve left my bloodstains.

Also, this game is part of a series as well, but this is the one I played first.


Okay, so the game is pretty linear–there are waypoints that you can follow depending on if you’re going for the main storyline, side missions, or points of interest. You don’t have a huge map to work with, but it’s still easy to get lost, and you’ll have to take the subway to go from one section to another.

While you have ways to go into an area in one way, sometimes there are alternatives if you want to be sneaky.

I’m talking the sewers and air vents, and climbing through windows on top of buildings.

So what I’m trying to say if you don’t know the layout of the land, it is easy to get a little lost on where everything nook and cranny is that you can get into it.

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The graphics are good. They aren’t so purely realistic that the lip-syncing is exact when characters are having conversations with one another, but unlike with the game Vampyr, the camera angles differ and go back and forth from time to time to focus on who’s speaking and who’s not.

There are the occasional glitches that I’d spotted, and lighting issues. Sometimes a light is so bright I have to squint in certain situations.

There aren’t too many glaring issues otherwise.


I’ve never played any of the other Deus Ex games before this one, so I can’t do a comparison.

As a blind player, the gameplay is very fun and offers a variety of things to do from the very start. It’s not all about shooting people, which is what I’m always worried about when it comes to shooters.

Nah: You can choose to be a killer, or you can choose to be a pacifist, or you can mix and match. You’ve got a variety of augmentations you can choose from, as long as you have enough Praxis to use to activate them. There are side missions to check out, if you don’t just want to go the storyline route. There are also points of interest you can check out.

Ebooks, a variety of hidden things in the game by moving objects, alcohol, hacking different objects.

There aren’t too many weapons to choose from is the downside to this game. The beginning guns aren’t that great and they are abundant. The good guns either don’t have that much ammo to drop around the world, or you’ll have to purchase their ammo from a vendor.


The voice acting is amazing from all characters. They did a really good job with choosing people for the right characters. The only flaw, as mentioned, was the lip-sync isn’t perfect, but that has nothing to do with the voice actors.

While it’s a stealth/shooter game mainly, there’s a lot of talking involved as well, which I like. Your decisions can affect certain outcomes, which again, well-played.


The music can be dramatic or soft and melodic, depending where you are in the game. It does change if there’s a battle going on, or if you’ve been spotted in a restricted area/doing something wrong.

I think that’s the best damn part right there.

Though it never saved me from dying.


I really love this game.

It’s a bitch if you don’t know where hidey-holes are and you’re in a tight spot, or if you haven’t chosen the greatest augmentations to suit the situation you’re in, or if you’ve run out of ammo and have crap guns.

But, Adam can become pretty OP if you choose the right things at the start.

There’s so many things to do and look for in this game, it’s not always about starting a riot and killing people.

It’s one of my personal faves at this point.

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