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Bottle: A game that might just make you want one.

Purchased: I got this while it was in a cheap bundle on Steam.
Achievements: Yes
DLC: Nope.

No, but really, have you ever played a game, and by the time you finish, you’re asking yourself, What was the point? That’s basically what Bottle did to me.

Once I completed the game, I didn’t really feel like I achieved anything. I mean, there are several achievements you can acquire in this game, but when the summary tells you this is a short game, it truly means it’s a short game.

You can wander around off the beaten path.

There are a few miscellaneous things to come across.

There’s even a second version you can play after you beat the normal mode, but…that’s it. Not very fulfilling.


  • Short game


  • Sounds from non-existent wildlife
  • Graphical glitches with lighting
  • Can’t understand female narrator
  • Repetitive landscape
  • Music isn’t consistent


Like with Drizzlepath, the soundtrack isn’t consistent, but there doesn’t seem to be a trigger that I can notice. Maybe there is though. But if not, it’s odd they’d make the game go completely quiet while you’re in the middle of walking around with nothing but random rustlings nearby.

Which is weird, because there’s no wildlife. Whenever there’s a rustling sound, don’t worry. You’re not actually being stalked by an animal.


There’s a woman you come across on occasion, and the only way you’ll be able to figure out what she says is if you replay her audio backwards, apparently. She’s speaking backwards, but multiple times overlapping one another, so…it’s gibberish. I don’t know why they did this, but it seems pointless.

Maybe you as the character are confused on why she said certain things to you in the past and this is you reflecting on it.

Who knows.

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I certainly don’t.


But unlike with Drizzlepath, the graphics in this game are repetitive. You see the same trees, the same boulders, the same flowers, the same textures. Worst of all, it’s noticeable.

The sunlight reflecting off the snow can be a bit too bright at times. And as one of my viewers on my Twitch streaming channel had said, “This game tops the charts for visual glitches per second.” I can’t exactly disagree with that statement. The graphics really aren’t that great for this not being a first try at a game.


As a walking simulator, there’s not much in the ways of gameplay. You can interact with an axe! But you can’t kill anyone with it, unfortunately. There’s a couple other interactions with objects, but the main point of the game is to take in the sights.

Even if you just saw them five seconds ago.


I don’t think there’s any good tidbits that would allow me to even bribe someone to play this game, let alone recommend it. I suppose if you’re a game creator, you can play the game and understand what not to do if you’re going to walking simulator route. But aside from that?


Just no.

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