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15 Days, a game that doesn’t take 15 days to complete, but it’ll feel like it.

Note: I never bought this game on its own; it came in a bundle for very cheap on Steam.

When I see an older style of game, I think back to some of the first games I played. Not on SNES or handheld games like the Gameboy, but of the older computer games that never had the graphics and lip-syncing and proper moving of the games of today.

I get nostalgic.

I like these games, despite the cringe they can give. After all, things aren’t what they used to be.


  • Fairly fast-paced story
  • Play as different characters


  • Constant crashes
  • Manually save, or lose progress
  • Frustrating puzzles
  • Narrative lacks emotion


There’s a lot of chatting you can do with different characters in this game. Sometimes they’ll talk to themselves to help you get through an area, but as you click on different items, there’s almost always something they will say about it.

The conversations had with one another are all pretty bland. Though there are female and male narratives, they all sound the same. Boring. Dull. There’s no emotion in their voices hardly. Maybe sometimes when a character gets upset, but other than that, no kind of conviction for the situation they’re being thrown into.


The graphics are fairly old-school, but that shouldn’t deter people from playing a game (though I’ll admit I can be one of those “judge a book by its cover” type of person from time to time).

Seeing as I used to play older games on the computer, these graphics aren’t too bothersome to me. Everything still looks nice. Just don’t expect perfect lip-syncing and non-graphical glitches when characters move from point A to point B or even sit down.


Everything is fairly straight-forward in this game. There’s nothing you should get terribly confused on, because the character will never go anywhere outside of their area if there’s still unfinished business. Puzzles are a different story. While they are few and far between, they can be frustrating to deal with (I think there are hint buttons to solve some).

Plus, the game could crash at any moment.

The worst parts for this to happen is when you’re trying to search for a keyword on the computer. If you search too much for the wrong things, the game could crash. At least, that’s how it was with me. Some of the cutscenes will have the game crash as well, but there’s a way to skip the cutscenes.

Who plays a game to see cutscenes, right?


If you get the game in a bundle, try it. Save often. Try to enjoy the story of the game.

Try not to cringe when you get to the end.

Other than that? No.

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